Friday Fences on Saturday


I’m not sure I like WordPress any better than Blogger. I’ve tried to post this picture several times. Looks like it’s finally working. It isn’t a very good picture, taken with an old Sony about 5 years ago. This was before Willie’s back leg issues. Now it is hard for him to walk. His legs sometimes give out on him without warning and he falls. I hate seeing him struggle.Snow 011

On a brighter note, Hubs is much improved after his lengthy hospital visit. So things are looking up. I’m hoping to get out sometime today to take some pictures so I can blog on a regular basis. 

Happy Saturday!


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  1. My yellow lab, Bianca is 10 1/2 now. She’s definitely not as spry as she used to be. It hurts to see the ones we love struggle whether their the four legged variety or the two legged ones.

    Good to hear your husband is doing better!

  2. i hate to see good dogs age, too. *sigh*

    for some reason, i usually have to try two or more times to pull up your blog from reader. i don’t have issues with other wordpress blogs, just your new one. i kinda miss you back on blogspot. 🙂

  3. I tried WP for a short while but just couldn’t get into the groove. I guess I’m stuck with Blogger.

    Great to see you Betty — sad to see our pets age and have difficulties. Glad that your hubby is doing better.

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