Winter is Ba-a-ack!


Well, I decided to start blogging again and what happens? Hubby decides he needs to go to the hospital. From there he was transferred to another hospital over an hour away. Nothing life threatening. He will be fine, but won’t be home until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m spending my time at work, running home to take care of Willie, and up to the hospital to visit Hubs.

In the meantime, our 60 degree spring-like weather has turned into a windchill in the single digits along with freezing rain and sleet.  Hopefully, the roads are cleared this morning so I can get back to the hospital.


Have a wonderful, warm, week!


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  1. oh, bless you betty! just be careful with all that time on the roads!!! i do hope all will be well!!!

    (yes, your link worked in your comment. i came over via it to test it, even though i have you in my reader).

  2. I am amazed that I found you again. Maybe it is fate? Anyway, we used to visit each other’s blogs and comment and then I must have lost you several months ago when somebody hacked into my computer and I was forced to change my user name – popslinc – to something new. And with that came changing my blogs that were all compromised. I am on WordPress too but still have blogs on Blogger. I liked your photograph for this post and your comment under it about it being cold. It was 4º here when I got up and it is just past 12:30 PM now and is up to 9º. Not a warm day to be sure.

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