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Good News!


I woke up early this morning not expecting anything out of the ordinary and then, out of the blue, I get good news! I opened  an email from the publishers of Not Your Mother’s Book…on Parenting stating, “Your story has made it through our first round of the selection process.”  Which, of course does not mean it will be in the book, but does mean it has a good chance.  Yay! It’s news like this that keeps me motivated to plod on ever in hope of that New York Times Bestseller. Yeah, right!  But I keep on dreaming, after all, what is life without a dream.

So here is my bird for the week…


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Friday Fences on Saturday


I’m not sure I like WordPress any better than Blogger. I’ve tried to post this picture several times. Looks like it’s finally working. It isn’t a very good picture, taken with an old Sony about 5 years ago. This was before Willie’s back leg issues. Now it is hard for him to walk. His legs sometimes give out on him without warning and he falls. I hate seeing him struggle.Snow 011

On a brighter note, Hubs is much improved after his lengthy hospital visit. So things are looking up. I’m hoping to get out sometime today to take some pictures so I can blog on a regular basis. 

Happy Saturday!

Winter is Ba-a-ack!


Well, I decided to start blogging again and what happens? Hubby decides he needs to go to the hospital. From there he was transferred to another hospital over an hour away. Nothing life threatening. He will be fine, but won’t be home until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m spending my time at work, running home to take care of Willie, and up to the hospital to visit Hubs.

In the meantime, our 60 degree spring-like weather has turned into a windchill in the single digits along with freezing rain and sleet.  Hopefully, the roads are cleared this morning so I can get back to the hospital.


Have a wonderful, warm, week!

Mostly Nonsense


Okay, so I gave up on Blogger and decided to try WordPress. We’ll see how this goes. At least I seem to be able to post pictures, not that I have any good ones to post. I haven’t been taking many pictures lately and they are all on my laptop, which is in the other room and Hubs is still sleeping.  So I’ll start my first, not so very exciting, WordPress post with pictures of a cupcake one of the girls Hubby works with baked. Very unusual. The Camera Club assignment for January is ‘food’, so I’m always on the lookout for something worthy of competing. These photos are not them, the cupcake on a stick looks kind of silly in this vase.  I do love the baker’s creativity, even though I couldn’t come up with a cool way to display only one. Now if she had provided me with a bouquet…



I dug this vase out of the mothballs. One of Hubby’s aunts made it a long time ago. It is a prized antique, so hope I don’t break it before I get it back in its safe place.  


Not much going on her today. It’s cold. We had our first snow the day after Christmas and it has been white outside since. We haven’t had a lot of additonal snow, mabye 3 or 4 inches, but it’s been way too cold to melt. It got down to 8 degrees one night and only into the 20’s most days. Brrr. Thursday the weatherman on the radio promised temps near 50 by mid next week. Yesterday the TV weatherman said low 40’s. By the time midweek gets here, I’m simply hoping for above freezing so some of this snow can melt.  Hope you are having better weather than here.

Happy Sunday!