Sunflowers, Fog, and Fergus


It’s supposed to get up into the 90s today. We woke up to fog and the tallest of our tall sunflowers have finally fully opened.


I went out to see how a foggy sunflower pic might turn out. The fog didn’t really show up like I thought it would.  When I looked down…


…I saw this pathetic looking critter. Wonder what he wants.


Oh, I see. But It’s yucky and wet from the dew on the grass.


Oh, alright. Who could resist that face?

Good News!


I woke up early this morning not expecting anything out of the ordinary and then, out of the blue, I get good news! I opened  an email from the publishers of Not Your Mother’s Book…on Parenting stating, “Your story has made it through our first round of the selection process.”  Which, of course does not mean it will be in the book, but does mean it has a good chance.  Yay! It’s news like this that keeps me motivated to plod on ever in hope of that New York Times Bestseller. Yeah, right!  But I keep on dreaming, after all, what is life without a dream.

So here is my bird for the week…


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